stainless steel undercut anchor for stone marble granite fixing system

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Natural hard stone (thickness d≥25mm), soft stone (thickness d≥30mm). Applicable to other thick composite plates and jointing of comer plates and skle plates.

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Application Range

The anchor bolt can be used for natural hard stone ≥15mm, soft stone ≥20mm; suitable for other thick composite board, cement fiber boards, thickness ≥16mm, the comers of the boards and the splicing of the side boards.

Technical Advantages

•Quick and easy Installation

•Large mechanical bearing capacity

•Excellent seismic performance

•Wide range of plate anchor points

•Does not destroy the surface effect


Anti-loose patent design, safety factor 100%

The unique anti-loose design can effectively play the role of preventing retreat and anti-loose and improve safety. At the same time, the drilling depth error of the back bolt is lower, and the anchoring safety level is improved.

Coating design, effectively prolong the service life

Titanium-plated A4 stainless steel back bolts are more resistant to corrosion and can be applied to a variety of complex and harsh conditions, prolong the service life of the fasteners and ensure the long-term safety of the curtain wall.

Electric installation, convenient and efficient, more friendly to the plate

Different from manual installation, electric installation has little impact on the panel, low damage rate, can better protect the panel, and can be applied to dry hanging installation of curtain walls under a variety of special conditions. All-electric installation has high efficiency, convenient and more efficient construction


Prudential undercut anchor bolts

Supporting products: aluminum alloy pendant

The pendant is made of aluminum alloy and the surface is oxidized. At present, there are H-shaped, ear-shaped, and C-shaped pendants, so that the connector is directly stuck on the back bolt, and the installation and anchoring of the connector can be completed at one time. At the same time, the distance between the connecting piece and the main keel can be adjusted, which can increase the construction speed and realize the modular installation, which is more convenient for replacement and maintenance.

Type H

It consists of an aluminum alloy body, two nylon strips (rubber strips), and two adjusting screws. It is usually used for dry hanging of thin stone and ceramic plates.

Ear type

It is composed of aluminum alloy main body, three nylon strips (rubber strips) and adjusting screws, suitable for dry hanging of various thickness stone and ceramic plates.

Type C

Composed of two aluminum alloy bodies and adjusting screws, it is suitable for dry hanging of stone and ceramic plates of various thicknesses.

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