China Iron and Steel Association: Adjust the structure of export products and refine the import and export tariffs of my country’s steel products

In order to give better play to the purpose of serving the steel industry and member companies of the Association's professional working committee, and to help the industry's transformation and upgrading and high-quality development, on May 19th, the China Iron and Steel Industry Association Market and Import and Export Coordination Committee's fourth member meeting was held in Shanghai Convened.

Relevant leaders from the Trade Remedy Bureau of the Ministry of Commerce attended the meeting. Iron and steel production enterprises such as Baowu, Anshan Iron and Steel, Shagang, Shougang, Hegang, Benxi Iron and Steel, Baotou Iron and Steel, Japan Steel, Yonggang and other iron and steel production enterprises were in charge of import and export marketing and special steel and other industry associations. And more than 70 representatives attended the meeting.

Baosteel General Manager Sheng Genghong delivered a welcome speech. He pointed out that the world today is undergoing major changes unseen in a century. The steel industry has both opportunities and challenges. It is the steel industry's duty to grasp the new development stage, implement new development concepts, build a new development pattern, and maintain the smooth operation of the industrial chain.

The meeting voted and passed the revised "Working Regulations of the China Iron and Steel Association Market and Import and Export Coordination Committee", and elected members of the fourth session of the Market and Import and Export Coordination Committee, including the chairman, deputy directors, and executive secretary. . Sheng Genghong, general manager of Baosteel Co., Ltd. of Baowu Group, was elected as the chairman of the Market and Import and Export Coordination Committee.

Sheng Genghong made a work report on behalf of the committee, reviewed and summarized the main work and achievements of the previous committee, and analyzed the current situation and existing problems of the steel import and export market. He emphasized that the working committee should give full play to the role of member companies in the next step, strengthen the exchange and sharing of comprehensive industry information such as industry policies and trends, improve the ability to serve members, and timely reflect the demands of member companies; assist member companies to adjust the structure of export products and strengthen the market. Competitiveness; Provide support for member companies to optimize the layout of foreign trade and adjust marketing strategies in a timely manner; actively respond to the "Belt and Road" initiative and make good use of the opportunity of the signing and entry into force of the "RCEP Agreement" to continuously develop emerging markets; jointly maintain a healthy and orderly market Order and interests of member companies.

Luo Tiejun, vice chairman of the Iron and Steel Association, attended the meeting. In his speech, he congratulated the newly elected directors, deputy directors and executive secretary of the working committee, and affirmed the achievements of the work of the committee. He pointed out that professional committees can help close the relationship between enterprises and associations, and help to discover and solve the problems of enterprises’ concerns in a timely manner. It embodies the basic principles of relying on enterprises, relying on members, and enterprises to run associations. It is the association’s better service to members, In the service industry, the association's important role as a bridge and link between the government and its members can be better brought into play.

Luo Tiejun emphasized that with the expansion of steel production scale and business volume, resource bottlenecks and environmental pressures have become more and more intense to form substantial constraints on China’s future steel development, and have profound impact on the quantity, variety and structure of steel imports and exports. influences. Facing the new situation with increasing market demand, constraints on resources and environment, and requirements for green development, the committee's work has a long way to go and is full of new challenges. For the next step of the work committee, he put forward specific requirements: first, large companies should play a leading role, take proactive actions, and effectively play the role of the committee; second, strengthen self-discipline, and comply with laws and regulations to promote market stability and health; third, overall planning. Carry out the classification of tax items and promote the export of high value-added products; fourth, pay close attention to the progress of the EU’s "carbon border adjustment mechanism", and study the impact of carbon tariffs early; fifth, handle the relationship between trade remedies and improve corporate competitiveness, and promote steel foreign trade High-quality development.

At the subsequent special meeting, Deputy Commissioner Lu Jiang of the Trade Remedy Bureau of the Ministry of Commerce, Hu Wei, a second-level investigator of the International Department of the Ministry of Commerce, and Jiang Li, chief analyst of the Iron and Steel Association, respectively discussed the overall situation and work recommendations facing my country’s trade remedy work, and RCEP It introduced and analyzed the new opportunities of China's steel industry, the outlook of the world steel market, and the impact on China's steel imports and exports.

At the symposium held in the afternoon, the participants discussed and exchanged views on the impact and response of the abolition of export tax rebate policies, the steel export situation and overseas market prospects, and the experience and suggestions on dealing with trade frictions. Participants agreed that the classification of tax items is a significant and far-reaching work. It is necessary to comprehensively review the export situation of high-end steel products, compare the tax items settings of steel products in developed countries, and systematically propose to refine my country based on the physical properties and chemical composition of the products. The plan for the import and export tariffs of iron and steel products, and on this basis, make recommendations to relevant government departments. Participants also put forward hopes and suggestions for the future work of the committee and the association.

Post time: Jun-03-2021